Google Spends Billions to Pay Everyone to Fight iOS

The US antitrust trial of Google, which was witnessed a few weeks ago, appeared to show that Google paid Apple hefty sums of money annually to ensure exposure on Apple’s devices. A number of intriguing scenarios are developing from the legal procedures in issue. Some days later, it was also acknowledged that Google had made an unsuccessful attempt to bribe Apple to pre-install its software on rival handsets. A Google official, Jamie Rosenberg, claims that the business pays cellular carriers and smartphone manufacturers billions of dollars in revenue-share payments.

This was to encourage innovation and maintain the Android software ecosystem, which helps Google compete more effectively with Apple Inc.’s iPhone. To designate Google search and the Chrome web browser as the default, smartphone manufacturers and cellular carriers can separately execute a revenue-share agreement. These partnerships, as per Rosenberg, encourage other businesses to produce or market additional Android devices. An official testified previously in the trial that Google paid $26 billion in revenue-sharing agreements in 2021.

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The employee named Samsung as well, claiming that his firm and Samsung divided their revenue-sharing agreement into three distinct agreements in 2020, with the focus being on services, marketing, and research. The marketing agreement was particularly conditional on Google being the exclusive search provider. “All of this aims to make devices more competitive with iOS,” is Rosenberg’s relatively direct summary of this speech’s main points.

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Rosenberg claims Google guarantees that smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung and cellular carriers such as Verizon Communications have the means to market new Android devices and support them by providing security updates. This income-sharing arrangement is achieved through search engine marketing. The Department of Justice is alleging Google in the current antitrust case of buying Apple and other Android OEMs to influence the search engine market to favor its own, so stifling competition.

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