Galaxy S24 Ultra Have Gorilla Glass Armor that Doesn’t Scratch Up to Level 6

Samsung has introduced its Galaxy S24 series after much teasing. Although the brand took a long time in the manufacturing process, that’s totally worth it now since the Galaxy S24 series is the power package in ways such as specification, features, design, or even build quality.

This time, Samsung has paid sincere attention to the quality and durability of the latest Galaxy S24 series. One of the biggest examples is its display cover glass—a Corning Gorilla Armor. The Galaxy S24 Ultra is the first model ever to feature a titanium frame as well as Corning Gorilla Armor display protection.

Here’s the question: Actually, how efficient is the Corning Gorilla Armor? And what new improvement has it brought?

The Galaxy S24 Ultra features Gorilla Armor glass, which delivers enhanced optical quality, which means better visibility of the display even in direct sunlight. As compared to other conventional glass, it has the power to prevent glare with an efficiency of up to 75%.

The unforgettable fact is that armor glass has better anti-reflective properties. As per the statements of Corning and Samsung, Armor also has the power to prevent the screen from scratching. And the Glass Armor screen protector slightly seems more resistant as compared to Victus 2.

The predecessor Galaxy S23 Ultra has Victus 2 glass protection, and this time also, the brand has used this protection layer in the Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24+.

Galaxy S24 Ultra’s Glass Armor To Resist The Scratches At Level 6

To make sure how strong and efficient the armor is, a well-known YouTuber, PBKReviews, performed the Mohs Hardness Test on both the titanium frame and the glass armor panel of the Galaxy S4 Ultra. As per the results of the test, the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s Gorilla Glass Armor protection scratches at level 8 using Mohs’ Hardness Test Kit, or probably at level 7, but the marks were hardly detectable even in the camera.

As compared to previous protection glass, Armor Protection scratches at level 8, whereas others, such as the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s Victus 2 Glass, can reach up to level 6 and then start showing scratches. Since the Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24+ also have Victus 2, these will also start showing scratches at level 6.

To prevent scratches at level 4, titanium frames or frame coatings are responsible enough to protect from scratches. Although marks start to appear at levels 5 and up, apart from scratch resistance, the titanium proves to be pretty effective against drops.

Basically, the brand has improved durability. Also in the lab tests of Corning, the Gorilla Armor performed outstandingly better than comparable alumino-silicate glasses. Despite all this, the brand has also conducted a new kind of lab test named Scratch Bot, which results in minor scratches arising from everyday use.

It is also known that there was no visible scratching of the Gorilla Armor Glass. Apart from this, the overall resistance compared to alumino-silicate glass is even four times higher, and the improved glass also contains an average of 25% pre-consumer recycled content in accordance with the UL2809-2 Environmental Claim Validation Procedure (ECVP).

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