Google and Samsung Worked Together For Galaxy S24’s AI features: Is It Worth For Pixel Devices?

Google, at the Unpacked event in San Jose, shared how Google AI is creating new possibilities on Android with its long-standing partner, Samsung. The latest Galaxy S24 flagship series is using Gemini to power the next generation of AI capabilities.

The Galaxy S24 series has arrived with a luggage of some exclusive AI features, plus some of the features that are new for the Galaxy family but are already available on Pixel phones, such as live transcription in the recording app. However, in Pixel phones, there are some limitations, but Samsung has overcome them.

In the end, Google and Samsung have worked together to enhance the experience of the fan community by introducing some exclusive features on the Galaxy S24 series. Interestingly, some of the features are literally exclusive and not even available on Google’s Pixel 8 series.

The new partnership between Samsung and Google in the tech town has resulted in the latest generative AI features such as Circle to search, point and search with Google Lens, Live Translate, Magic Compose, and Android Auto integration. The fact is somewhere that the Galaxy S24 series places reliance on Gemini AI.

Gemini is a new artificial intelligence (AI) system that has the power to understand and talk intelligently about almost any kind of prompt—pictures, text, speech, music, computer code, and whatnot. A multimodal model is the name given to this type of AI system.

The Galaxy S24 series integrates Google’s latest Gemini AI model, which has three variants, which include Gemini Pro, Gemini Ultra, and Gemini Nano, across a number of default apps available on smartphones. Particularly, the utilization of Gemini Pro enhances the interactions with Samsung applications on the Galaxy S24 series, which provides summarizations as well as translation features in applications such as Samsung Notes, Voice Recorder, and Keyboard. Noticeably, Imagen 2, available on the Galaxy S24 lineup, permits users to access generative editing features within the Samsung Gallery application.

A question is twerking the Pixel users’ minds: Is Google playing a fair game with Pixel smartphones?

Neither yes nor no. It appears that Google, by partnering with Korean giants to load AI smarts into Galaxy smartphones that are already leading the tech industry, is underestimating its own Pixel phones.

As a positive prospect, Google, by offering its Gemini AI and Imagen 2 features to Samsung for its Galaxy S24 series smartphones, is extending the reach of these exclusive features. In a way, Google plays a mind game, since by offering these features already to its Pixel devices, it could have given an amount of boasting rights to the company, and these features would not then have been available to a vast range of users worldwide. Whereas Samsung is also planning to roll out these features to its old Galaxy S23 series flagship smartphone device.

Moving on to the comparison, after launching the Galaxy S23 Ultra, Samsung got more than 2.5 lakh pre-orders in India, whereas 11.63 million units of its predecessor Galaxy S23 Ultra smartphone were sold in 2023. On the other side, Google sold a total of 10 million units of both the Pixel 8 series, which includes the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, in India.

It has also come to be known that Google is casting a wider net, unlocking new lucrative revenue streams through future partnerships while also fueling the continuous refinement of its AI technology, which is utterly advantageous to not just Pixe users but also the overall Android ecosystem.

The actual fact is that generative AI tools work properly and fluently when they get used by more users. It is expected that Samsung might also ask for charges to use the Galaxy AI features by 2026, just as OpenAI launched a paid version of the AI Chatbot, ChatGPT Plus.

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