Samsung Notes and Keyboard would receive AI features

A fresh rumor claims that the Samsung Galaxy S24 series, which will be released in a few days, will introduce new AI-powered capabilities that will elevate your smartphone experience above basic processing capability. As per Alvin on X (formerly Twitter), the Samsung Keyboard and Samsung Notes applications are evolving to do AI-driven functions such as summarizing webpages, aiding in tone identification, and altering phrase tones (source: Android Central). The tipster states you’ll be able to choose from five tones, including professional and casual.

Also, while using the Samsung Keyboard, you can seamlessly incorporate emoticons into your words to create a really relaxed conversation experience. Samsung Keyboard and Notes on the Galaxy S24 series also have Galaxy AI. To further customize your communication style, you can now select from a variety of tones, such as professional, political, and informal. Emojis may be included in sentences to create a more lively conversation that is ideal for instant messaging. Users may streamline information conception by summarizing web pages using the redesign of Samsung notes and keyboard applications.

Galaxy AI is also said to assist with sentence translation and tone recognition. In December, the Samsung keyboard gave us our first look at tone recognition. Apart from this, you could also be able to transform your disorganized notes in your Samsung Notes into elegant, businesslike emails. Furthermore, it’s likely that you will copy them directly to the clipboard on your Samsung keyboard for simple sharing. However, all these things will only last a week, as we will witness the Galaxy S24, S24+, and S24 Ultra, and very soon we will be receiving reports about what’s in and out of the gadgets.

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