Galaxy S24’s Promo Leaks Reveal Unprecedented AI Features

We are too close to the arrival of the Galaxy S24 series, which is just a week away. From the announcement until its arrival, the Galaxy S24 variants are for sure the most tipped and talked-about flagship Galaxy smartphones. Also, we are pretty much equipped with its specifications, design, price range, etc. But still, the AI features that will be equipped with the models are kept hidden.

We now have a few more pictures of Samsung’s official marketing materials, credited to Android Headlines. For those anticipating the full range of AI capabilities that the Galaxy S24 series will provide, this leak is intriguing since it displays an intriguing use of AI in picture editing.

The Galaxy S24 series seems to have the same characteristics as the Pixel 8 series, as per Samsung. In one of the pictures in the collection up top, a person rides a BMX bike up a ramp. In addition, the box surrounding the rider contains anchor points that allow users to rotate and reduce the subject before pressing the create button. Apparently, users will be able to modify topics to improve the quality of their images to a reasonable extent. Samsung did, in fact, hint at this functionality in one of its Unpacked promotional movies.

On the other hand, the leaked image depicts the user interface of the camera when you use the function. This leak is crucial as it clears out the most brought-up quest, the 200 MP wide camera for the series.

What’s the Galaxy S24 series’ camera department like?

A 12 MP front-facing selfie camera will be included, starting with the Galaxy S24. This basically remains the same as the Galaxy S23 from the previous year. But Samsung could be utilizing a different sensor in this instance. Undoubtedly, the selfie camera now has access to some AI functions as well. With regard to the primary camera arrangement on the rear, the Galaxy S24 will include three cameras.

  • a 12MP ultra-wide lens camera
  • a 50MP wide-angle lens camera
  • a 10 MP camera with 3x optical zoom.

The Galaxy S23 from the previous year also included the 10MP telephoto lens feature. The Galaxy S24’s 10 MP camera might thus be a telephoto lens.

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