Galaxy S24 Takes Samsung Back to the Peak: Pre-Orders Break Records, Echoing Galaxy S10 Era

Samsung’s latest Galaxy S24 series has shaken up the tech industry as it breaks down the records for pre-orders. The pre-order stands at 1.21 million units, and it is 11% more as compared to the 1.09 million units of the Galaxy S23.

Previously, it was revealed that in India, the Samsung Galaxy S24 series had an amazing pre-launch period. Now the brand is officially announcing that its flagship Galaxy S24 lineup’s smartphones are one way to reach Korea.

Based on the pre-order statistics of the Galaxy S24 series, it appears that the Galaxy S24 series is the best-performing and most appreciable smartphone in the entire Galaxy series yet. The reports indicate that it is quite possible that Galaxy S24 sales will reach 36 million units in 2024. Fortunately, if this prediction turns true, then the Korean giants will get a 12.5% increase over Samsung’s purported internal goal of 32 million units.

If Galaxy S24 smartphones reach 30 million units, then it will genuinely prove itself an upgraded power package of efficient performance, top-notch specification, brand new features, and decent design, which Galaxy fans love the most. And by these metrics, it will also break down the records of the Galaxy S10 series, which debuted in 2019 and reached 30 million units.

Since the Galaxy S10, no other Galaxy S device has reached the milestone of 30 million sales. Samsung debuted the Galaxy S10 series in March 2019, which includes the Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+, and Galaxy S10+ 5G, as well as the compact Galaxy S10e. Noticeably, it presumably sold a combined 37 million units in the first six months of their launch.

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