Samsung Describe The Enhancement Of The Galaxy S24 Smartphone Capturing Ability

The Samsung Galaxy S24 series is undoubtedly a premium series that took the floor recently with its super specifications, brand new features, and decent design. The camera is taking the features to another level.

No one denies the high-end camera quality of the Galaxy S24, but despite that, Samsung also shared details on how the Galaxy S24 series takes better portrait shots. As per the brand, the new smartphones utilize improved AI mechanisms. Paired with better processing power, they are getting the ability to detect the subjects within the captured image and create a better depth effect.

Galaxy S24 smartphones have the ability to apply a blur effect to objects that are in front of the main subject. This additional blur effect will look like the photos were captured with an expensive DSLR camera. However, as compared to previous times, the algorithms only applied this blur effect to the objects that were behind the subject.

Now, the users can also get a better idea from the image attached below. Now the Galaxy S24 camera can also blur the background behind the subject, which results in more natural photos. The brand has also stated that it has the power to improve the quality of the portrait videos on the Galaxy S24 devices.

One of the most remarkable facts here is that the S24 Ultra has the ability to measure the distance between the subject and the background. This permits the device to add a natural-looking blur.

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