Android Auto’s Voice Commands Still Buggy: Users Voice Frustrations

Android Auto is one of Google’s unique services that allows users to interact with their car screen and access almost all of the Android functions without touching their smartphones, which can help drivers concentrate more on driving with less disturbance. If we talk about the concept, it is the best in its segment, but Google has not been able to give a good software experience to the users.

Android Auto’s voice command stopped working

Several users have reported that after updating the Android Auto to the latest version, they have started facing a new issue; more specifically, the voice command is stopped working or not properly listing the commands. However, after going into detail, we got to know that the issue is not only related to or encountered by the user who has installed the new update of Android Auto but also faced by other users as well.

Going into detail, some users have also faced one more problem with the voice command: when they activate the voice command, the graphic of Google Assistant freezes and stays on screen until you reboot Android Auto.

Further investigating, it concluded that the issue is coming from the new version Google app which is the directly responsible to provide the support of voice command to the Android Auto. So to get rid of this problem there is only one temporary solution is to install the older version of the Google app After further investigationWhile to get the permanent solution, we have to wait for the official new update, which will be available in the coming days, but there is no clue about how long we have to wait for the next update. Till then, you can use the older version of the Google app, which you can directly install on your smartphone using this link.

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