Google Lens adds voice command support

Under the same category, tools such as Google Lens and Assistant act as vehicles to improve search. But one is clearly more attentive to visual clues, whereas the other is listening for instructions and questions. It seems that Google is now exploring voice prompts for Lens, particularly for query refinement similar to multisearch. Simply aim your camera at the question and press the shutter button to receive the answers with Lens, which is compatible with all of our favorite Android phones. Lens can be used for homework assistance, real-time text translation, copying printed text to the clipboard on your device, and price comparison shopping.

Google has discovered that Lens is just the beginning of a user’s search experience; frequently, users will open a new tab in their browser or use the Google bar to do a follow-up search with a more specific question in mind. This led to the creation of Multisearch and Multisearch nearby in Lens the previous year. You may easily refine your search term in Lens using Multisearch. In other words, you may take a picture of a dress that you like, then use Multisearch to see what other colors it comes in. You still need to take a picture of the item touch again to activate Multisearch and manually type your search query, even though this eliminates the photo of opening a new browser tab and searching.

AssembleDebug, a well-known feature spotter and tinkerer from the GAppsLeaks telegram group, has discovered that Google is covertly developing a new method to better simplify Lens. The new functionality lets you just point the smartphone at an object and speak your search refinement parameters aloud after turning on a few hidden flags in the app. It is believed that it will be a simplified version; it’s not going to be a full Google Assistant. However, it remains to be seen when Google will introduce it. It seems more likely that the firm will make a formal announcement to the public rather than implementing it covertly. Though we anticipate it will take some time, this is a very welcome and natural addition to Lens.

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