Good Lock and Plugins Hit Major Milestone with Over 100 Million Downloads

Along with enabling you to accomplish more with your Samsung phone, Good Lock gives you far more control over the appearance of your phone’s UI. Good Lock helps with customizing the S Pen stylus’ behavior, allowing you to swiftly switch between apps, and creating your own clock face for the lock screen. Now Samsung Moderator has some information relating to further improvements coming to the Good Lock feature. The Samsung moderator stated that they are having a busy day once more as One UI 6 is officially going to be introduced starting with the Galaxy S23 series. Through member or community inspection, they are replicating and rectifying issues resulting from a variety of terminal conditions that they were not able to identify throughout the verification cycle.

It was stated that, in light of the wide variety of terminal circumstances, it would be extremely beneficial if we provided them with specific instructions on how to replicate an issue or sent them an error message along with a log if you encountered one. Some really exciting news has emerged throughout all of this statement. Good Lock had over 100 million downloads cumulatively at the Galaxy Store after a modest beginning in 2016. The moderator claims that there have been requests lately for Good Lock to be open in every nation, and as these requests have grown more serious, so has the volume of downloads. They have also shared the Good Lock data, appreciating the honor of the $100 million milestone.

Samsung Makes One UI 6.1 and Good Lock 2024 Available Early

“I always remember that it was thanks to the feedback from our customers that we were able to come this far. We will continue to keep this in mind and do our best to continue to create good features reliably.”

Modules of Good Lock:

  • Camera Assistant
  • ClockFace
  • Dropship
  • Edge Touch
  • Galaxy to Share
  • Home Up
  • Keys Cafe
  • LockStar
  • MultiStar
  • NavStar
  • Nice Catch
  • NotiStar
  • One-Hand Operation+
  • Pentastic
  • QuickStar
  • RegiStar
  • Routines+
  • SoundAssistant
  • Theme Park
  • Wonderland

Good Lock leads the way with an impressive 16,367,061 installs, followed by the Sound Assistant module in second place with 11,440,106 downloads. One Hand Operation + secures the third spot with 8,522,285 installs, and Lockstar comes in fourth with 6,606,160 installs. Other popular modules, such as Theme Park, Multi Star, Home Up, ClockFace, NavStar, and NotiStar, follow closely.

Over the last three months, the number of installs has seen a significant increase, and compatibility has expanded across various devices. The Good Lock App alone garnered 2,121,404 installs, with Theme Park following closely behind at 1,159,608.

In terms of countries contributing to installs, Korea leads with 26,868,771 installs, followed by China with 20,443,371 downloads, and the USA with 12,194,874 installs. India and Mexico hold the fourth and fifth positions, contributing 7,061,864 and 2,782,314 installs, respectively.

Notably, over the past 3–4 months, the majority of downloads have come from Southeast Asia, including countries like Thailand and Indonesia. The expansion of compatibility has led to widespread use of these add-ons in China, Korea, India, and the USA. Even European nations like the UK and Germany are playing a part in the growing demand for customization through these modules.

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