Samsung Makes One UI 6.1 and Good Lock 2024 Available Early

Samsung just told us about Good Lock 6.0, a big update for their app. They said what’s going to be different and what it can do when it comes out with Android 14 and One UI 6.0. But Samsung didn’t stop there. They also talked about what’s new in Good Lock in 2024 and with One UI 6.1. This news has brought excitement among Samsung users, who were eagerly waiting for the new features and improvements.

Good Lock 2024 will come with One UI 6.1 update

Good Lock is a powerful customization app that allows users to personalize their Samsung devices. It offers a wide range of features, including customizing the lock screen, notification panel, and recent apps menu. One of the big news stories is that in Good Lock 2024, you’ll be able to change how the Game Booster works on Samsung phones and tablets. Game Booster is a feature that makes your games better by improving performance and saving battery, plus it stops notifications from bothering you while you play.

Samsung has revealed some of the changes that are coming to Good Lock in 2024, when One UI 6.1 is released which will come with Galaxy S24 series out of the box. The changes are that LockStar and ClockFace customization options will be directly accessible from within the Settings app, rather than being separate apps. This will make it easier for users to customize their lock screens and clock faces.

One UI 6.0 will be the big software update for Galaxy devices

Another change is that the Kids Cafe module will allow users to map keyboard gestures and designate keyboard touch sounds. This will give users more control over how their children use their devices.

In addition to these changes, Samsung is also planning to add new features and modules to Good Lock in 2024. However, the company has not yet revealed any specific details.

In 2024, we hope that Good Lock will be available in more countries. Samsung started offering it in a few places this year, but we, along with other Samsung fans, will only be truly happy when Good Lock can be used everywhere Samsung sells its phones and tablets.

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