Android Auto 10.5 stable update available for everyone: download now

Android Auto is one of the most recognized car accessories. It comes with several functionalities that you usually see in Android smartphones. For example, you can play music and listen to audio stories from popular applications such as Spotify. Additionally, it also has some utility software support, which makes it more convenient to drive, such as Google Maps. However, after having so many advantages, it lacks the ability to provide its services smoothly.

Last week, Google rolled out the Android Auto 10.5 beta update for users. In that update, users didn’t find any new features, which means the company may include the changes internally. Now the company has rolled out the stable update for users.

Android Auto 10.5 stable update

With the latest Android Auto update v10.5 company is following the same trend of not giving any new changelog of the update. So it is hard to say directly about the changes, but as Google is frequently rolling out new updates for the application, it is clear that there will not be any major changes that are easily noticeable; more specifically, it may include some fixes that bring improvements to the functionality of the application.

However, if you are one of the users who is facing any issues, then you are recommended to update the application to the latest 10.5 update. To do so, you can click here to go to the Google Play Store, or you can also side load the app from this link.

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