Spotify HiFi Leak Reveals New Features and Price

The HiFi membership tier for Spotify may be arriving sooner than it was expected, six long years after its debut. Initially rumored to be the name of the company’s long-awaited lossless audio tier, Spotify “Supremium”, back in June, it now seems that code discovered within the app has revealed that this is really the case. In what was previously known as Spotify HiFi, Spotify initially made a commitment to a lossless audio tier back in February 2021. HiFi is prepared to go live with many never-before-seen capabilities, according to a recently found mention in Spotify’s source code.

According to The Verge and Redditor Hypixely, Spotify is using “Supremium” to refer to its HiFi tier with the aim of providing 24-bit lossless music to users. This is the priciest service thus far provided by Spotify, in addition to offering high-fidelity music. The coding would also reveal that Spotify’s Supremium level would cost $19.99 a month, but this information might merely be a rough estimate that would be subject to any required adjustments before the service’s official launch. 

The new plan brings several enhanced features:

  • 24-bit lossless music
  • Technology has no lags or delays, as per the claims.
  • AI playlist-making capability
  • Monthly listening to audiobooks for 30 hours
  • Limited to managers of individual, duo, and family plans, they have access to the listening hours for the included audiobooks.
  • A capability to search your collection according to genre, activity, and mood
  • In a playlist, you may sort by tempo and genre.
  • Users can alter the playlist’s order using danceable or BPM criteria, or they can use “smart order” to generate the best possible playlist using key and tempo.
  • Superior mixing equipment
  • Enable seamless track transitions by using predetermined cue locations. 

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