Good Lock 6.0: A whole new level of customization for One UI 6

Good Lock is one of the very appreciated applications of Samsung, it provides a lot of modules that help users make changes to system-level apps. For instance, you can easily create redesigns or wallpapers through Wonderland. To add some new changes, Samsung has released many new updates for the Good Lock. But they are not significant for the users. However, now the Good Lock Team is all set to introduce some important tweaks for the app.

Samsung Good Lock 6.0: Release Date, New Feature, Modules, and more

Today, the Samsung community moderator announced some new plans for Good Lock development. In a post, he shared about several features that will be coming with the One UI 6 Good Lock. Let’s know all about it.

Samsung’s Good Lock app is a suite of modules that allow users to customize their Galaxy devices in a variety of ways. Good Lock is typically updated alongside new versions of One UI, and Good Lock 6.0 is expected to be released alongside One UI 6.0 later this year.

Samsung has revealed some of the new features and improvements that will be coming to Good Lock 6.0.

  • Edge Lighting +: Edge Lighting +, which was previously only available on Galaxy foldable devices, will be made available to all Galaxy devices with Good Lock 6.0. Edge Lighting + allows users to customize the way their display edges light up when they receive notifications.
  • Sound Assistant: Sound Assistant is getting a makeover in Good Lock 6.0. Users will be able to customize the volume panel with various effects and control method changes.
  • Wonderland: Wonderland is a Good Lock module that allows users to customize their lock screen. In Good Lock 6.0, Wonderland will be getting new transition effects when moving between the AOD, lock screen, and home screen.
  • Nicecatch: Nicecatch is a Good Lock module that helps users identify and fix notification problems. In Good Lock 6.0, Nicecatch will be getting more detailed information about why notifications are not ringing.

Good Lock 6.1: More improvements on the way

Samsung is working on a number of new features and improvements for Good Lock 6.1, which is expected to be released later this year. One of the biggest changes that is coming is the integration of LockStar and ClockFace into the lock screen. This is something that many users have been requesting for a long time, and it will make it much easier to customize the look and feel of the lock screen.

Another new feature that is coming to Good Lock 6.1 is the ability to map desired functions to keyboard gestures and designate keyboard touch sounds as desired. This will be a great addition for users who want to customize the way they interact with their devices.

  • HomeUp is undergoing major structural improvements to support a wider variety of styles. This will result in a delay in the release of HomeUp 6.1.
  • The theme park is also undergoing structural changes to make themes lighter and faster to install. This will also result in a delay in the release of some Theme Park features, such as icon shape changes and keyboard wallpaper.
  • Dex will be integrated into HomeUp 6.1, making it easier to use a keyboard and mouse with the Galaxy Home screen.

The Game Booster team has joined Good Lock in 2024 update

The Game Booster team joining Good Lock in the 2024 update is a big news for gamers. Game Booster is a popular app that helps users optimize their devices for gaming. It has a variety of features, such as the ability to boost performance, reduce lag, and save battery life.

With the Game Booster team joining Good Lock, we can expect to see even more powerful and versatile gaming features in the app. For example, we could see new features that allow users to customize their gaming experience, optimize specific games, and manage their gaming resources.

Overall, the addition of the Game Booster team to Good Lock is a great thing for gamers. It means that we will have access to even more tools to help us improve our gaming experience on Galaxy devices.

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