Galaxy S24’s lockscreen could also integrate Snapchat shortcuts

Many months remain until the Samsung Galaxy S24 is released. However, information on the flagship series specs and some of its software features has leaked online. Presumably, Samsung’s first AI smartphone will be this one. Artificial intelligence capabilities encompass instantaneous phone translation and a Dall-E-like text-to-image generator. Snapchat integration with the phone’s lock screen is also made possible by a recent addition. There is a fresh claim suggesting that Snapchat may be integrated into the smartphone’s lock screen when it launches.

Drawing from Android 14, it seems a lot like the one that is currently on the OnePlus 11. A popular app among Generation Z is Snapchat. As to the Android authority team’s APK dissection of the Snapchat v12.62.0.36 beta, the application may be integrated into the lock screen. Based on code that is still in development, an APK breakdown assists in forecasting features that could be added to the service in the future. It is conceivable, nevertheless, that these anticipated features won’t be released to the general public.

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From what we can tell from the strings, Snapchat may soon allow you to launch the app directly from the lock screen on Samsung smartphones. Any app may already be configured as a lock screen shortcut on Samsung smartphones, but in order to use the app after activating the shortcut, you must unlock your phone. This is not the case with other privileged shortcuts, such as the built-in camera app, where you may access restricted features without having to unlock your phone.

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Furthermore, Samsung and Instagram have already worked together to allow users to take pictures or film videos using Samsung’s stock camera. This implies that integrating a lock screen would be a sensible next step. Devices from OnePlus and Oppo already have this capability. With the launch of the Galaxy S24 series, Samsung is therefore expected to incorporate the cameras from Snapchat and Instagram into the lock screen. The Galaxy S24 series is anticipated to be pre-installed with the One UI 6.1 Android 14 OS update.

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