Galaxy S24 users to access Instagram directly from lock screen shortcut

The Galaxy S24 series of Samsung’s forthcoming flagship devices is anticipated to launch early in 2024. The trio of smartphones, the Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24+, and Galaxy S24 Ultra, will comprise the series. The design, features, and hardware changes have previously been leaked several times. A fresh leak just surfaced that shows Instagram functionality coming to the Galaxy S24 series. It’s possible that the lock screen of Samsung’s future flagship S24 will have an Instagram camera shortcut. Alessandro Paluzzi made the discovery of the feature, which is rather simple.

What is the feature?

In simple words, the feature is that users won’t have to unlock their phones to use the Instagram camera. It will be simple to activate right from the lock screen. The shortcut appears to be limited to the Instagram camera and not the full app; however, details are still pending confirmation. This function would be useful considering Instagram’s widespread popularity.

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Note that, at the moment, Instagram’s camera is only accessible from the home screen for users of iOS and Android. If you give the Instagram app a hard push, the menu should include the option to shoot photos as well as choices for chats and new posts.

If recent reports are to be believed, you might want to think twice before pressing the shutter button when using the Galaxy S24 camera app. Launching straight into the Instagram camera will prevent you from accessing the full range of capabilities available through the device’s primary camera app. It looks that customers will be able to designate the Instagram Camera mode as one of the phone’s lock screen shortcuts via an option in the Settings menu on the S24 gadget. Users of the phone may encounter this feature when they use the Instagram app for the first time. There could be other features and app integrations for Instagram.

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