Galaxy S24 series is about to be gorgeous to the eyes

A few months remain until Samsung’s next-generation premium flagship series, the Galaxy S24, is officially released, but as is customary, leaks and rumors are starting to surface online. While everything is still a little hazy, the leaks will only become more specific as the official unveiling date draws near. Rumors have it that it may happen sooner than normal this time. Having to be released in less than a couple of months, the color options of the gadgets are now teased. A reliable source that has been accurate sometimes has revealed the Galaxy S24 hue options. Tipster Ross Young anticipated that the trio of S24 series—the Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24 Plus, and Galaxy S24 Ultra—will be getting the basic range of primary colors—black, gray, violet, and yellow.

However, this is not something to be fixed on, as this is just a prediction by the tipster and not an official one. Every time Samsung launches a model, several color options will be available, some of which are available to purchase through every website and offline store. A few colors will be exclusively available on the official website of the firm,, for purchase. Ross expects orange, light blue, and light green to be the colors that will be exclusively available on

The upcoming flagship series will be quite special from Samsung’s side, as the series is bringing back the Snapdragon-Exynos-powered processor tradition after a long time, and the performance of the Exynos 2400 is highly anticipated. Speculations also state that Samsung will be integrating generative AI technology to make the series “smartest AI phones” ever released by Samsung. January 2024 is the highly expected timeframe for the gadgets debut; the manufacturer may make the announcement at any time.

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