Samsung Galaxy Phones Could Soon Be as Powerful as Gaming PCs

Samsung is allegedly working with chipmakers Qualcomm and AMD to develop FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) software for Galaxy handsets. According to tipster Revegnus via Android Authority, all three businesses are developing FSR technology, which would include scaling and frame generation techniques to increase frame rates in compatible games for Galaxy handsets. NVIDIA’s DLSS technology would be in competition with the FSR. The use of artificial intelligence (AI) by NVIDIA’s DLSS technology to produce extra frames sets it apart from FSR. Studies state that this collaboration may provide FSR with the AI-based capacity to upscale and produce high-quality frames.

The source didn’t reveal much, but it is expected that Samsung’s next S-series flagship handsets may support PC-calibre gaming with the use of FSR software and ray tracing technology. Samsung may be able to use FSR technology on Galaxy handsets with Exynos and Snapdragon processors, all thanks to the collaboration between AMD and Qualcomm. Aiming to rival NVIDIA’s technology, FSR for mobile might significantly enhance gaming by employing AI to produce more high-quality frames and increase the number of pixels in images. When the technology for Samsung phones is available, it’s uncertain which and how many mobile games will be supported.

FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR):

To improve framerates in compatible games, FSR employs frame creation and upscaling algorithms. To provide top-notch gaming performance, it can operate on almost any GPU. Currently, AMD Radeon GPUs, which power portable gaming devices like the Steam Deck and ASUS ROG Ally, support FSR.

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DLSS technology from NVIDIA differs significantly from FSR in that it generates extra frames using artificial intelligence. According to the paper, FSR may be able to upgrade and produce high-quality frames with this partnership’s AI-based capabilities. However, the way the technology in the smartphones and the model that it will debut in all these things should come out officially should that to get more information.

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