Samsung Galaxy S24 Series to Release in Early, Ultra Variant to Get Titanium Frame

Several rumors have been circulating that the trio of Galaxy S24 series—the Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24+, and Galaxy S24 Ultra—will be released earlier than prior models. The most anticipated Galaxy S24 flagship models will launch in the San Francisco, California, market early in January, according to reports from SBS BizNext, the firm said that on January 17, 2024, in San Francisco, USA, a Galaxy S24 unpacked event would be held. It seems the preparations have already started for the grand event.   

It’s a titanium frame for the Galaxy S24 Ultra

As per the source, TheElec, it is verified that the ultra variant of the S24 series will receive a titanium frame. Reduced heat and current conductivity, reduced weight compared to steel, and increased hardness over aluminum characterize titanium. In its most recent iPhone 15 Pro models, Apple introduced titanium technology to smartphones for the first time, and the company has been actively promoting this feature. And here, Samsung is bringing the Galaxy S24 series earlier so as to compete with the iPhone 15 series, so it is relatable.

As well as the employees at its assembly factory in Vietnam, Samsung was collaborating with a number of its Chinese case suppliers. Among these also comes the South Korean supplier KH Vatec. Titanium alloy is processed by a Chinese enterprise, Solomon, and the rear of an aluminum casing has an alloy linked to it, which is delivered to Samsung and its suppliers. As of now, Samsung employs less than $20 aluminum frames for their phones. But titanium frames may be significantly more expensive, which raises the bill of materials (BOM) and perhaps the device’s price.

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The integration of titanium in the Galaxy S24 Ultra will make it weigh 10% less than its predecessor. In order to achieve a significant weight reduction, Apple employed stainless steel before switching to titanium for its Pro models. It is challenging to accomplish this since Samsung has traditionally used light aluminum, so the result is yet to be seen. Other than this, the S24 Ultra will have a flat screen with rectangular edges in place of the edge screen.

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