Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Beats iPhone 15 Pro Max in GPU Performance

The first 3nm smartphone processor was introduced in Apple’s 15 Pro line of phones. In contrast, Apple’s new lineup, the iPhone 15 Pro Max, has a worse GPU than Samsung’s Galaxy S23 Ultra, which is outfitted with a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy processor manufactured using a 4nm process. The Galaxy S23 Ultra performed much better than the iPhone 15 Pro Max, according to the well-known 3DMark Wildlife Extreme benchmark, which evaluates devices with demanding and protracted graphics workloads. The findings that have been shared on the website in the form of a graph reveal that the Galaxy S23 Ultra scores 3,886 points at first launch before falling to 2,794 points after 20 test cycles.

Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro Max begins with 3,608 points in the first test before falling to 2,843 points in the second test. Within a few seconds, the iPhone 15 Pro Max saw a severe performance hit, and going forward, the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s GPU even reduced in the 20th test cycle with a score of 2,681. The graphics performance of the iPhone 15 Pro Max declined by around 22% after finishing the first test cycle, but after 20 benchmark tests, the Galaxy S23 Ultra plummeted by 28%. This isn’t it, as in several tests it has been found that the iPhone 15 Pro Max frequently overheats when playing games or while charging.

And it is said that iPhone 15 Pro Max gamers will experience a sudden drop in frame rates, more so while playing demanding games. The A17 Pro CPU seems to be energy inefficient and may heat up in a very short timeframe even after being produced with TSMC’s latest 3nm fabrication process, which is surely a disappointment. All this points to the lack of adequate heat dissipation systems in Apple devices.

While the same is true for Samsung, the firm’s top lineup will hardly face any drop in performance in gaming. And for heating issues, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 gets cooled through a sizable vapor chamber (an energy-intensive component) in the S23 Ultra. If the S24 Ultra is equipped with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, it will be promising to look over its enhancements over the S23 Ultra.

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