Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Camera: What to Expect

The Galaxy S24 series will soon be launched, and most of its specifications have been notified to users. The major anticipation lies in the camera system of the Galaxy S24 Ultra, as the recently launched Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro Max and Google’s Pixel 8 Pro saw a great upgrade in their camera specifications. Several sets of rumors have been popped about the camera upgrade that the Galaxy S24 Ultra may possibly acquire.

S24 Ultra’s wide camera: For the primary back camera of the Galaxy S24 Ultra, the firm is said to bring back the 200-megapixel wide camera once again. Last time, it was equipped with the Galaxy S23 Ultra, so we can’t expect a big modification in this division, at least for one to two years. On the other side, there have also been claims that there will be a change in the 200 MP sensor. It is anticipated that an inch-sized sensor may fit the line. When compared to a typical-sized smartphone sensor, a sensor of this size would be able to take in more light and create brighter and more colorful photographs, giving the Galaxy S24 Ultra an edge before any photo processing took place.

S24 Ultra’s Ultrawide Camera: The 12 MP ultrawide sensor was rumored to be included as the duo for the rear camera of the Galaxy S24 Ultra from the beginning. So this may be the case with the Galaxy S23 Ultra, which may disappoint users who want an upgraded camera setup. It also lacked performance, which may possibly be improved with the debut software improvements without offering any physical changes to the camera.

S24 Ultra’s telephoto camera: the 10 MP camera paired with 3x zoom and 10x zoom was the telephoto configuration used for a very long time, and it is great to know that this will be transformed, but in a unique way. The 3x 10 MP zoom will remain unchanged, and the major change is that in place of the 10x zoom camera, a lower-powered 5x telephoto lens will be included along with a greater 50 MP sensor resolution. This will have a great impact on the overall photography. The 10x zoom camera feature is not something that every smartphone offers, and it is great to see Samsung coming up with this.

S24 Ultra’s selfie camera: The Galaxy S23 Ultra was equipped with a 12 MP front camera after being replaced with the traditional 40 MP ultra selfie camera. And the same case is going to repeat for not only the Galaxy S24 Ultra but for the entire S24 series. However, the camera of the S23 Ultra outperformed the iPhone 15 Pro Max when they both were tested. South Korean technology has surely enhanced the operation of cameras and the processing of photographs in a certain way.

However, this is just an analysis of the rumors received so far; we need to have eyes on the prize—official camera renderings.

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