Updated List of Phone with the High & Low SAR Values: Samsung Galaxy Note 10 performs better

Nowadays, in the technology era, there are a lot of new advancements that help users do different tasks easily. If we talk only about smartphones, we can see how rapidly the world has achieved growth and made several types of complex work easy. However, as you know, every good thing has some side effects as well. In the case of smartphones, there is a SAR value, which adds a negative point to the story.

The SAR stands for Specific Absorption Rate, which measures the percentage of electromagnetic energy that is absorbed by the human body when exposed to radio frequency electromagnetic fields. Related to this, we have some interesting data from Imcoresearch about how much radiation Galaxy devices release.

Here is the list of smartphones that have been tested for SAR values

According to the information, the test is performed with the radio transmitters preset at the maximum power level, and the SAR value is evaluated in real time. It is worth noting that there is no significant correlation between SAR value and sales. For example, the Motorola Edge 30 Pro with the Hughes SAR Value has not had the highest sales. According to the data, the Galaxy Note 10 is the one listed under the devices that emits less radiation. Here we are sharing the list of the top 20 devices that emit the least radiation and the other 20 devices that emit the most radiation.

Top 20 Smartphones emits most radiation

PositionModelSAR (head)SAR (body)
1Motorola Edge 30 Pro2.25W/kg3.37 W/kg
2Xiaomi 13 Pro2.05W/kg3.03 W/kg
3OnePlus 11 Pro1.97 W/kg2.95W/kg
4iQOO 11 Pro1.95W/kg2.91 W/kg
5ZTE Nubia Red Magic 8 Pro+1.94 W/kg2.89 W/kg
6Vivo X90 Pro+1.92W/kg2.87 W/kg
7Meizu 20 Pro1.91 W/kg2.85W/kg
8Redmi K60 Pro1.89 W/kg2.82 W/kg
9OPPO Find X5 Pro1.87 W/kg2.80 W/kg
10Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra1.85W/kg2.77 W/kg
11Motorola Edge 301.84 W/kg2.75 W/kg
12OnePlus 111.83 W/kg2.73 W/kg
13iQOO 9 Pro1.82 W/kg2.71 W/kg
14ZTE Nubia Red Magic 8 Pro1.81 W/kg2.70 W/kg
15Vivo X80 Pro+1.80W/kg2.69 W/kg
16Meizu 201.79 W/kg2.68 W/kg
17Redmi K60 Gaming Edition1.78 W/kg2.67 W/kg
18OPPO Find X51.77 W/kg2.66 W/kg
19Samsung Galaxy S23+1.76 W/kg2.65W/kg
20Motorola Edge 30 Lite1.75W/kg2.64 W/kg

Top 20 Smartphones which emits least radiation

positionModelSAR (head)SAR (body)
1ZTE Blade V100.13 W/kg0.22W/kg
2Samsung Galaxy Note 10+0.19W/kg0.28W/kg
3Samsung Galaxy Note 100.21W/kg0.29W/kg
4LG G7 ThinQ0.24W/kg0.32W/kg
5Huawei P300.33W/kg0.41 W/kg
6Xiaomi Redmi Note 20.34W/kg0.42W/kg
7Honor X80.84 W/kg1.02W/kg
8Apple iPhone 110.95W/kg1.13 W/kg
9Realme GT Neo 30.91W/kg1.09W/kg
10Samsung Galaxy A53 5G0.90W/kg1.08W/kg
11Samsung Galaxy A230.90W/kg1.08W/kg
12OPPO Reno70.89W/kg1.07 W/kg
13Xiaomi 12X0.88W/kg1.06 W/kg
14OnePlus 10 Pro0.87 W/kg1.05W/kg
15Vivo X800.86 W/kg1.04 W/kg
16Google Pixel 60.85W/kg1.03W/kg
17Motorola Moto G50 5G0.85W/kg1.03W/kg
18Realme GT Neo 20.84 W/kg1.02W/kg
19Samsung Galaxy A73 5G0.84 W/kg1.02W/kg
20OPPO Find X5 Lite0.83 W/kg1.01W/kg

Moreover, currently there is no unanimous scientific consensus regarding the possible health risks associated with this type of exposure to radiation, but for prevention of the possible side effects, you can use headphones during long phone calls.

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