Samsung Display Accuses China’s BOE of Trade Secret Theft in USA Lawsuit

Samsung Display filed a complaint against China’s BOE, the world’s largest LCD ”panel maker, with the U.S. International Trade Commission’s ITC’ in late October this year.

If the ITC documents are to be believed, according to them, Samsung Display is charging BOE with unfair competition and using stolen mind property of the brand for producing OLED display modules. Basically, in the display tech industry, there are two constant competitors: Samsung Display and China’s BOE. It’s pretty obvious that among the strong competitors, there is a rift and a kind of cold war. But this time, Samsung filed a complaint with the ITC for the first time.

Also, the ITC document, seen by Reuters, stated that Samsung Display filed a complaint against BOE alleging that it violated a U.S. law covering unfair methods of competition on October 31st. The filed complaint concerns the infringement of intellectual property, for instance, trade secrets, in organic light-emitting diode OLED display modules and components.

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Both tech giants have a history. A couple of years ago, Samsung Display tried to stop the wholesalers from dealing with OLED panels in the US, as they claimed they were illegally produced in China using stolen technologies and mechanisms. However, this was not a direct attack on BOE, but BOE made a reply by paying the bill for the wholesalers. As a result of all these actions, ITC was prompted to take action and launch an investigation in early 2023.

Samsung Display, a strand unit of the Samsung Electronics workspace, has confirmed that it filed a complaint but denied further comment. Whereas BOE regarding this did not have an immediate comment. The Korean giants have taken steps forward to toughen deterrents for leaking technology and mechanisms. At the same time, the analysts in Seoul stated that China is the only suspected source of the bulk of South Korean technology and mechanism leaks.

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Thanks to “Reuters