Samsung software support ended for the Galaxy Note 10 series, and more

Samsung has recently published the September 2023 security bulletin, which will be soon distributed to eligible Galaxy devices, but unfortunately, the Galaxy Note 10, Note 10 5G, Note 10+ and Note 10+ 5G will not be eligible for it. The company has kicked them out of the update cycle.

The Galaxy Note 10 was introduced back in 2019, and the device came with Android 9 preinstalled. Later, the device got new updates and is now running on Android 12, which is the last major update; however, as Samsung promised, the device has received some more software updates that are coming this year. However, now that the device is older than four years, the company has decided to stop the update for it.

For your information, the European units of the Galaxy Note 10 series got the July 2023 security update as their last patch, which doesn’t bring any novelty to the device. On the other hand, the US units of these devices got the August 2023 security patch. But now Samsung will not give any new security patches to the devices; this is confirmed by its official documentation of security updates. The company has removed them from the quarterly update category list.

Samsung Galaxy Note Lite will continue to get quarterly security updates

However, the Galaxy Note 10 Lite is still eligible for new updates. The reason behind this is that the Lite version came almost five months later than the main series, and due to this, the device update cycle is also extended for some more months. Lastly, Samsung has updated the device with the June 2023 security patch, and as the device belongs to the quarterly update category, it may get at least one more update this year.

Some other Galaxy devices will also not have new updates

By following the same policy of three-year OS updates and four-year security updates, the company has also kicked out some more Galaxy devices from the update cycle that were launched in the same year or after the Galaxy Note 10. The Galaxy Xcover Field Pro and Galaxy A10s

Samsung has also changed the frequency of updates for these devices

Samsung has also changed the frequency of updates for two Galaxy devices, including the Galaxy Z Flip 5G and Galaxy M21 (2021). If we talk about the Galaxy Z Flip 5G, Samsung has degraded the device from the monthly update category to a quarterly update, which means the device will be eligible to get only four software updates per year. While the Galaxy M21 was listed under the quarterly update category, which is now downgraded to a biannual update, it indicated the device will only get two software updates for security maintenance.

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