WhatsApp’s Big Makeover: Massive Redesign Coming to Android

Undoubtedly, WhatsApp is the most popular social media platform that is used for communication, and almost everyone has gotten their hands on it. Even after these great responses, the enhancements haven’t stopped, as the application receives a new set of features day-to-day. And it seems WhatsApp will undergo a significant UI upgrade now. The four self-explanatory chat filters (All, Unread, Personal, and Business) that will be added to the top of the chat list as part of the next UI revamp of the popular messaging program owned by Meta Whereas, Communities, Chats, Status, and Calls will all be moved to the downside, representing their own icons.

WhatsApp now has new conversation filters, and it appears that the app’s typeface has also changed along with the new layout. The UI improvements appear to be being built for the Android app, while the WhatsApp revamp is presently being tested as version The look of the application has undergone a drastic change. A white top bar including the WhatsApp logo, camera symbol, search, user profile image, and three-dot button for the overflow menu will take the place of the green top bar. In other words, we can say that the white and green colors exchanged places.

However, this adjustment only affects light mode since when dark mode is on, everything is black. Also modified and made stronger is WhatsApp’s logo typeface. The magazine also released a screenshot in which chat headlines, including contact names or group names, are somewhat stronger. But it is suggested that several of these design overhauls have been changed periodically by the corporation, so the current design could not be the final one. Currently under construction, the redesign is not yet available for public consumption.

WhatsApp to Improve Photo and Video Sharing

Even beta testers are unable to access it as of now. However, the revamp appears to be virtually finished, so we anticipate that it will be released shortly, at least to its Android beta program. However, there is also talk that the business is trying to make it possible for one WhatsApp account to be used on different devices while additionally supporting numerous accounts on a single phone using the same software. If this works out, there will be no need for Samsung’s Dual Messenger.

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