Google announced September 2023’s “Feature Drop” update

Google is aggressively working on Android 14 development; the company has recently rolled out the 5.2 beta update. It is expected that the stable update will go public in the next few days. Which will be available to all eligible Android devices. On the other hand, the company is also testing some features for Android devices, and now it is releasing them. Let’s find out what you’ll get.

What’s the September “feature drop”?

The September “Feature Drop” is a different software update that is provided by Google every three months. It provides all the new changes to Google’s owned applications and services. Most of the time, these updates are installed on the Android devices automatically from the server side; alternatively, you can also get new features by installing the latest update for the new services.

September’s feature drop brings five new features.

As said earlier, the feature drop update brings changes to Google’s services, so here are five new features that will enhance the Android ecosystem.

At a Glance widget: Google will introduce a new widget named At a Glance, which will provide all the useful information on the home screen. It is pill-shaped and will inform you about weather alerts, updates on planned or ongoing trips, event reminders, and much more.

Google Wallet: Google will add a new feature to its wallet service called “Pass photo import”. It will improve productivity. Now users will be able to store any passes virtually on their smartphones. For instance, you can save your gym or library card in the digital version within the app.

Google Assistant provides information about health. As you know, Google Assistant is able to do several tasks based on your voice command, such as weather information, news, scores, and many more. With the new update, Google Assistant will be able to provide data about your health. To obtain the information, the user can simply pronounce good morning, and then it will show you the routine information.

Android Auto will get Webex and Zoom support. As Android Auto was introduced to provide convenience to the drivers, the company is now ready to announce two new utility applications, including Zoom and Webex. With these applications, users will be able to attend important meetings and do video chats from the car screen.

Lookout’s Vision Assist application will also benefit from the September feature drop. The application now supports more than 11 new languages; now it supports more than 34 languages. Along with this, the application has also gotten AI integration improvements; now users can ask about the images with their voice by typing on the keyboard.

When will you get all these features?

As of now, Google has just announced the features for distribution, so it will take time to reach every supported device. As per past records, it took a maximum of a couple of weeks to expand; however, if you get any updates to any apps related to the Google application mentioned, then you may also get the functionality of new features by updating them.

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