Galaxy S24 Ultra New Leak: Thinner Bezels and Enhanced AI Features

With the Galaxy S24 flagship largely anticipated to introduce the new capabilities, Samsung has officially announced that AI will be incorporated into its next generation of smartphones. But, in the upcoming months, Samsung’s contentious choices might become problematic. Launched as part of the Samsung AI Forum 2023, the business presents its generative AI model. Currently in use internally, Samsung Gauss consists of three main components: Gauss Language, which supports software development by assisting with code descriptions and test case creation; Gauss Code, which helps with human language understanding and natural response creation; and Gauss Image, which facilitates the creation and modification of images.

So far, we have a little knowledge of how the upcoming gadgets will look compared to their predecessors and the specifications they will acquire. However, Samsung is focusing heavily on implementing AI features into its upcoming flagship S24 series. It seems the ultra variant will benefit from great AI features.

What is the Galaxy S24 Ultra up to?

A set of photos shared by Ice Universe, claims that the Galaxy S24 Ultra is expected to include a flat-screen display that gently curves at the edge where the titanium frame and glass meet. It appears that Samsung plans to place a significant emphasis on artificial intelligence with its upcoming high-end smartphones, as was initially anticipated.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Reigns Supreme Among Mobile Gaming Enthusiasts

The company’s efforts in the emerging AI space appear to be their major objective, as seen by the possibility that future smartphones from the brand will be able to compose and then send emails in the format of their choosing. So basically the Galaxy S24 Ultra is a replica of the Galaxy S23 Ultra in terms of appearance but may receive slight changes in its design. The newer OS upgrade installed in the series may also bring some additional AI features. It is awaited how the Galaxy S24 series will justify the title of Samsung’s Smartest phones ever made. 

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