Samsung’s 4nm Yield Reaches 75%, Closing the Gap with TSMC

AMD’s forthcoming “Prometheus” chip design, which will include the Zen 5C core, is the subject of rumors. A change in the competitive environment from process nodes, yield, and cost to aspects like capacity, ecosystem, and geopolitics, which are all dependent on customer concerns, is expected with this chip, reveals TechNews (via Trend Force). It is expected to exploit both TSMC’s and Samsung’s 3nm and 4nm processes. Analyzing yields, Samsung has improvised from 50% to a whopping 75%, as per TSMC.

This is in line with their requirements and increases the possibility that chip buyers will come back. TSMC claims an anticipated 80% yield for its 4nm process. Many believe that big companies like Qualcomm and Nvidia may reevaluate their suppliers because Samsung reportedly has about half of TSMC’s 4nm capacity, according to industry insiders. Additionally, Samsung declared that it has received its first order for the new Texas plant: Groq, a US-based provider of AI solutions, has given the business the task of producing next-generation AI chips using 4nm technology.

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Production is scheduled to begin in 2025. With respect to TSMC’s 4nm customers, as well as enduring partners such as Apple, Nvidia, Qualcomm, MediaTek, AMD, and Intel, signs point to a possible shift to TSMC’s 4nm process for Tensor G4, with Tensor G5 being manufactured on TSMC’s 3nm technology. With the existing partnership with Samsung coming to an end, it looks like TSMC’s chip manufacturing debut will take place in 2025.

A reliable tipster, Revegnus (@Tech_Reve), revealed details from high-level talks within Apple, showing that TSMC’s 3nm technology could achieve a 63% yield but at twice the cost of the 4nm process. Samsung has exhibited a quicker-than-anticipated yield recovery in the 4nm space, with its yield mirroring that of TSMC.

Given TSMC’s decision to raise pricing and Samsung’s notable gains in yield and capacity, large clients may want to investigate secondary providers in order to diversify their outsourcing orders, taking into account factors like cost and geopolitics. It has been reported that Samsung is nearing an agreement with AMD for a 4nm partnership, with the intention of taking over some of TSMC’s orders for 4nm processors.

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