Samsung Unveils Portable SSD T5 EVO: Specs and Price

The new portable SSD T5 EVO was included on Samsung’s online store website in the regions of the USA. The price tag of the SSD T5 EVO was also showcased, and it also allows customers to add it to their cart; however, you cannot purchase it now. Only the 8 TB storage variant is visible on the online store page, which costs around $649, but this isn’t it. As per the official reports released by Samsung Newsroom, they reveal every specification, feature, and price of each storage variant of the T5 EVO.

The 8-terabyte (TB)-sized SSD T5 EVO, a lightweight portable solid-state drive (SSD), was unveiled today by Samsung and is now available worldwide. As an innovative, adaptable SSD solution, the T5 EVO not only has capacity but also offers lightning-fast speeds in a small, sturdy chassis. With an ergonomic form that departs for the first time from a business card’s dimensions while retaining lightweight and compact qualities, the portable SSD is designed to offer a novel experience.

Structure of the SSD T5 EVO:

  • Compact and light ergonomics are the design ideas of the SSD T5 EVO.
  • Its dimensions are 17 mm thick, 40 mm long, and 95 mm broad, with an overall weight of 102 grams.
  • In addition, it features a great titan and a black body.
  • The metal ring design makes it simple to attach the T5 EVO to any piece of baggage.
  • There is additional protection against external shocks from drops of up to two meters, all thanks to its metal body and rubberized surface.

Storage variants and capabilities:

The T5 EVO has a three-year limited guarantee and is available in 2TB, 4TB, and 8TB capacities. It also includes a USB Type-C to C connection. The T5 EVO is appropriate for both work and play, boasting storage capacities of up to 8TB, which allows it to handle massive files, high-definition films, photographs, and games. 3500 2GB films, 1.8 million 4 MB music files, and almost 2 million 3.5MB pictures may all be stored on an 8 TB T5 EVO.

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Compatibility : 

Numerous host devices and operating systems, including Windows, macOS, smartphones, tablets, and game consoles, are compatible with the T5 EVO. The T5 EVO is equipped with Samsung Magician software, which offers an extensive range of drive management functionalities. These include firmware upgrades, a genuine authentication feature, a real-time drive health check, and performance benchmarks.

Price and availability:

  • 2TB variant: $189.99
  • 4 TB variant: $349.99
  • 8 TB variant: $649.99

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