Samsung Galaxy Fit 3: The next-gen fitness tracker that’s more like a smartwatch

Soon, there might be a new Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 fitness tracker. As per the leaked photos of the purported smart gadget by WindowsReport today, it has a new appearance for the series and appears to have a significantly improved screen. So far, it is able to analyze only a few pieces of information about the gadget. Three years is a long time in the consumer technology world; this was the actual time that the Galaxy Fit 2 was launched. Though it is unconfirmed of the Galaxy Fit 3’s operating system, the pictures reveal a new watchface.

Although Samsung is more likely to remain with more basic fitness tracker software, such as its earlier RTOS, it is feasible that the firm may integrate Wear OSIts predecessor, the Galaxy Fit 2, was launched as a low-cost tracker with a 1.1-inch AMOLED-colored screen, which offered the advantages of 50 meters of water resistance and 15 days of battery life.

What’s new with the Galaxy Fit 3?

  • This time, the Fit 3 model is getting a bigger screen with the same AMOLED display.
  • heart rate monitor sensor and docking connectors are also visible on the rear part of the Galaxy Fit 3.
  • Fit 3 may have a GPS sensor, which the Fit 2 lacked; however, it has a thinner appearance than the later.
  • A built-in memory for storing and stand-alone music playback while the device is not linked to the phone is possible.
  • With the Galaxy Fit 3 tracker, you cannot change the color of your wristband, as with the Fit 2 tracker. So the users need to stick with the color that they purchase.

There are a few tiny openings on the inside of the watch band that go parallel to the top of the Samsung Fit 3. Those could be buttons to more easily release the springs, like the ones Samsung added to the Watch 6. On the other hand, they could provide respite from perspiration and let air flow through while exercising. The upcoming tracker may have an extended battery life—longer than 15 days of battery life.

Galaxy Fit 3’s Cost and Release:

Back in 2020, the Galaxy Fit 2 was launched with a price range of $59; however, time flies, and for sure, the Fit 3 tracker will be quite expensive. Samsung introduces its fitness tracker every time, along with smartphones. As it is expected that the Galaxy Fit 3 will launch somewhere around 2024, there are high chances that it will debut with the Galaxy S24 series.

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