Samsung Galaxy Fit 3: New Images Confirm Sleek Design and Upgraded Specs

It’s almost time for the Samsung Galaxy Fit 2’s next lineup, the Galaxy Fit 3, to hit stores. Images of the much-awaited Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 were made exclusively available to the source, 91mobiles, enabling users to peek into the device’s design as well as a variety of eye-catching color combinations. Fitness tracker fans are excited about these exclusive leaks, which are derived from industry insiders and follow previous internet mockups. The source revealed the pictures of the Galaxy Fit 3 in three different colors: grey, gold, and black.

What’s new with the Galaxy Fit 3’s design aspects?

  • The pictures indicate that the next version will have a bigger display than its prior models.
  • The big rectangular screen with thin bezels is the most visible one.
  • To the right of the microphone is a tactile button, which functions as a power button.
  • The presence of boxy shapes with softened corners in the fitness tracker raises the concern of pain during extended wear.
  • There should be interchangeable silicone straps for the Fit 3. Though that part of the gadget is hidden from view, the charging pins may be located somewhere.
  • Similar in form is the Huawei Watch Fit, a smartphone and fitness tracker combined into one device.

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Thanks to “91Mobiles