Samsung’s Bixby gets a cricket makeover: New features cater to cricket enthusiasts

Users can now remain up-to-date on cricket matches with the addition of Bixby Cricket, a new feature within Samsung’s native voice assistant. Notably, the film is being released in advance of India vs. Australia’s World Cup final, which will be held on November 19, 2023. With only a voice query, users can now instantly get cricket match scores, stay up to speed on World Cup points tables, and get match schedules for forthcoming matches thanks to this new improvement to the Bixby voice assistant.

Samsung and SportsKeeda, a sports news website, worked together to create Bixby Cricket. With this partnership, Samsung and Sportskeeda hope to increase cricket fans’ enjoyment and accessibility throughout India. Now, users can ask Bixby queries like “What’s the score?” or “Show me upcoming matches” to get timely, pertinent answers.

Samsung understands the importance of cricket in India.

Samsung is cognizant of the fact that cricket is a passion in India and not simply a game. Bixby Cricket also promises to improve the spectator experience with major competitions either underway or soon to come. With only your voice, you may use your voice to keep up with the most recent cricket action, whether working, driving, or cooking.

One UI 6 Elevates Bixby with Enhanced Features and Functionality

All users need to do to receive timely and pertinent information from Bixby is to ask “What’s the score?” “Show the World Cup points table” or “Show me upcoming matches.” It is not necessary to install or download any extra software for users of Bixby to access these freshly announced functionalities.

Cricket isn’t the only focus of Samsung?

With this launch, Samsung India hopes to further foster the growth of the Indian startup ecosystem while also satisfying the nation’s enthusiasm for cricket. Since its beginning as an intelligent voice assistant on Samsung smartphones, Bixby has seen substantial evolution. It has evolved into an open AI platform that is compatible with many Samsung appliances and devices. Bixby’s comprehension of Indian names, locations, relationships, information, and recipes has improved, all thanks to notable updates including the addition of Indian English in 2021, which has made the system more useful and contextual for Indian users.

Balaji Hariharan, Senior Director and Head of Product Management, Samsung Research Institute, Bangalore, said, “Cricket is more than just a sport in India. And with major cricket tournaments either in progress or lined up in the near future, Samsung believes that Bixby Cricket would be a great solution for cricket lovers to stay updated with the latest scores and tournaments just through their voice. Users can get updates even while driving, working, cooking, or doing any other activity that requires their attention. Another goal of Samsung India is to continuously nurture the Indian start-up ecosystem, and this launch helps in that as well.”

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