Samsung Galaxy S24 Series to Get Major Upgrade: Report

Every time Samsung launches a new product or gadget, it can be found in the trademark filings of the manufacturer. Earlier, it was also stated that Samsung has started filing trademark patterns for the Galaxy S25 and Galaxy Z Fold 7. This makes it evident that Samsung focuses on trademarking not only for the next line-up of products from them but also for the products that are too far from release. Recent days have seen Samsung register a number of noteworthy brand names. A preview of the forthcoming AR glasses, for instance, is shown, and further confirmation of the AI phone’s plans has been made. Samsung has promised to release the Galaxy S24 as a true artificial intelligence phone.

A Dutch news blog GalaxyClub, found and shared the number of product filings, each of which confirms the arrival of the Galaxy S24 as an AI phone. Some of the most intriguing registrations come as Samsung desires the trademarks Magic Pixel, Flex Magic, and Flex Magic Pixel to be registered in its native South Korea. In addition to the names, the related logos have also been mentioned recently. The Galaxy AI experience will be included in the Galaxy S24 series which will further integrate several AI-related features into the smartphones.

Samsung is adamant about claiming the term “AI phone,” as seen by the numerous trade name registrations. The primary way to accomplish this is to apply for the trademarks AI smartphone and AI phone. In October, the source, SamMobile, already predicted that the Galaxy S24 would turn into a true AI machine. However, Samsung would not be granted similar terms like this, but the buzz created relating to the Galaxy S24 and AI phones makes the anticipation real. The Galaxy S24 series is expected to be released in San Jose, California, USA, on January 17th.

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