Samsung New Era Galaxy AI: AI-Powered Real-Time Phone Call Translation

Samsung wants it known that artificial intelligence is important to it as well through its new article. The business unveiled a new feature in a blog post that would leverage artificial intelligence to interrupt phone conversations in real time, previewing what it refers to as a new era of Galaxy AI for its devices. You have never seen universal intellect like the new Galaxy AI, according to a tweet from Samsung on November 9. Galaxy AI hopes to enhance barrier-free communication, facilitate “unconstrained creativity,” and streamline work with the use of new, powerful artificial intelligence capabilities in mobile technology.

Samsung Galaxy AI:

Galaxy empowers you to be open to the world with ease. Users would have never seen universal intelligence on a phone like you will with Galaxy AI, which is designed to empower everyone, everywhere. We are creating new opportunities everywhere that matter most, in barrier-free communication, streamlined productivity, and unrestricted creativity. All credit goes to open partnerships with like-minded industry leaders. Galaxy AI provides a holistic mobile AI experience that is driven by both cloud-based AI and on-device AI created by Samsung. With Samsung’s renowned security and privacy, it will revolutionize your regular mobile experience.

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Galaxy AI, which is expected to launch early next year, will bring us one closer step to a future in which social boundaries often disappear and communication is more efficient and straightforward than ever. The Samsung native phone app will have live translation capability, which it is referring to as “AI Live Translate Call.” According to Samsung, the translations will take place on the smartphone, and “text and audio translation will appear in real-time as you speak.”

One little example of one advantage that Galaxy AI will bring about is the ability to make phone calls, the same use for which our phones were designed in the first place. The inconvenience of needing to use separate applications is eliminated because it is incorporated into the built-in call capability. Calling someone who speaks a different language is as easy as turning on closed captions when streaming the show since audio and text translation will appear in real-time as you speak. You can rely on private chats staying on your phone no matter what happens because it’s powered by on-device Galaxy AI.

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Wonjoon Choi, EVP and Head of R&D, Mobile Experience Business, said, Mobile technology has an incredible power to enable connection, productivity, creativity, and more for people around the world, but until now, we haven’t seen mobile AI ignite that in truly meaningful ways. Galaxy AI is our most comprehensive intelligence offering to date, and it will change how we think about our phones forever.”

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