Samsung’s Original Galaxy Fold Reaches End of Software Support Cycle

Samsung Galaxy Fold is a revolutionary device that has opened the doors for a new lineup with the latest technology of foldable display. However,  being the first device, it was not as successful as Samsung expected at that time. The main reason behind this is that the company is not successful in providing a fully finished device. Due to that, users have faced a lot of problems.

With time, Samsung has improved the hardware for the latest generation of foldable devices, and it has also tried to fix some issues with the software, but after providing the services for four years now, the company has planned to stop the update for the devices.

For your information, Samsung has followed the policy for updating the devices. As the Galaxy Fold was introduced back in 2019, it falls under the policy where the Korean giant promises to provide at least three major Android updates and security updates for four years. However, in 2022, it changed the policy and expanded the update rollout for devices for up to five years for selected devices.

Samsung Galaxy Device Out Of The Race For Software Upgrade

On the basis of an older policy, Samsung has decided to stop the update for the Galaxy Fold. Informatively, we have grabbed the August 2023 patch as the last update. When Samsung released the latest November 2023 bulletin, it removed the name of the Galaxy Fold from the list of security updates. However, it is expected that the company will introduce one more update before ending the software.

Meanwhile, the other foldable smartphones that were released after the Galaxy Fold are eligible to get the update for some more time; they will all get the update according to the policies, like the phones released before 2022, which will be eligible to get a maximum of four updates, while the other latest devices will get updates for up to five years.

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