Samsung and Emma Myers Embark on a Cinematic Journey with the Galaxy S23 Ultra

Samsung Electronics unveiled the complete final cut of “Epic Worlds,” a unique cinematic project shot entirely on a Galaxy S23 Ultra. Samsung collaborated with actress Emma Myerswho was popular for her role in the Netflix series ‘Wednesday’ This project redefines the possibilities of creating mobile entertainment and captures the spirit of multiple film genres. Epic Worlds, a compilation release that was almost totally crowdsourced before being put together, is proof of the effectiveness of open cooperation. Content makers are invited to utilize Galaxy’s capabilities to realize their most creative visions through “Epic Worlds.”

With Galaxy, anybody, anywhere, can create content of professional caliber. People can watch the final version of “Epic Worlds” on the official Samsung sites, and you can watch the Emma Myers-starring short film on YouTube. A short central film, featuring Emma Myers, serves as the focal point of this innovative narrative technique. The film travels between the genres of science fiction, fantasy, western, film noir, and action thriller. Although Myers performs the lead role, the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s Nightography is the highlight of the show. Nightography provides a genuinely cinematic level of clarity and detail due to its unmatched capacity to record low-light situations.

The initiative builds on the popularity of Samsung’s earlier Filmed with Galaxy campaigns, which showcased the company’s ability to produce content fit for a movie theater by partnering with well-known directors. “Epic Worlds” expands on that heritage by announcing boldly that exceptional content production involves more than just strength and visual appeal; rather, it also involves creativity, community, and a spirit of teamwork, all of which Galaxy actively promotes. Local influencers from Team Galaxy responded by filming their own scenarios all throughout the world. These varied segments, all captured on camera with the Galaxy S23 Ultra, have been combined with the focal point to form the seamless spectacle known as the entire “Epic Worlds.”

Emma Myers said,I am so excited that Samsung invited me to be a part of Team Galaxy. Using a smartphone to bring such an incredible short film to life was really amazing, and I totally loved the results and the entire process. I am drawn to unique projects, so working with Samsung provided me the opportunity to use that creativity more and to encourage others to do the same by creating their own short films. I cannot wait for everyone to see the compilation cut of ‘Epic Worlds’ — it’s a next-level collaboration.”

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Zee Ntuli, director of “Epic Worlds,” said, It’s honestly blown me away. I’ve been incredibly impressed with what this Galaxy device is capable of. What’s really amazed me is how the phone performs in low light. Nightography is just a remarkable feature.”

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