Google Play Store Archive Apps Feature Available to All Android Devices

The Google Play Store is packed with a lot of useful features, like archiving apps. This function is very useful for devices with low space, so managing apps in a compact space When you activate this feature from the Google Play Store, it will archive the applications that you do not use often. This feature was available only to selected devices that had storage problems, but now it is available for all Android smartphones.

What’s the speciality of the archive function?

In the past, whenever our devices completely went out of space, we often uninstalled any app from the device that we did not use frequently, so now the same is done automatically, but it will not The main specialty of this function is that it will remove the app from the device, which can minimize storage. But the app will not lose data; an icon of the app will be there. If you want to reuse it, you have to install it.

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Where you will find this function

The function is available in the Play Store; it is not default activated, so if you want to activate it, go to the Play Store, tap the profile icon, select settings, and tap on the general menu. You will see “Automatically archive apps.” Now you have to just turn on the toggle. It is also worth noticing that the function of archiving apps is distributed to all Android users with the latest 37.4 version of the Play Store.

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