Good Lock’s RegiStar Module Gets a Bug Fix Update

Samsung has some cool features that make its devices fun to use. They’ve made their One UI more open, so you can customize it more. To make customizing easier, they made the Good Lock app. This app has different parts that let you customize different things on your phone.

One of these parts is called RegiStar, which lets you change how things work when you use gestures and tap the back or side of your phone. For example, you can make your phone do special things when you tap the back, and you can make the side key do different stuff, like opening the camera. You can even set the back tap to take screenshots.

The update has version number 1.0.43, and it makes the app work better. It fixes a problem where the app would stop working when you held down the side key on some phones.

You can get the update on most Galaxy devices. But it might not work on some phones because they’re not compatible with it. You can download the update from the Galaxy Store if your phone can use it.

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