Good Lock’s module RegiStar gets new update, with improvement and fixes

Good Lock  is a top application of Samsung it has a variety of collection of different modules which helps user to customize different system UI, from those RegiStar is also the one who give many options to do configuration in the settings app and press the side key and back tap functionality. Now the company is rolling out a new update for the improvement of the app.

Good Lock’s RegiStar new update

RegiStar new update is now available to download, the latest update is come with version number V1.0.42. According to the changelog new update improves the logic to reduce current consumption. It also fixes the action error for cover screen smartphones like Galaxy Z Flip series including Flip 5, Flip 4 and Flip 3. Along with this the touch screen response error is also fixed which makes it more smooth working.

The latest update of RegiStar is now available on the Galaxy store. The latest update comes with a 30.88 MB size. It is worth noticing that the availability of this feature is dependent on the Good Lock supported devices, which means if you are having a device which does not support the module holder app then you will also not use the app on your device.

What can you do with RegiStar?

As we said before the RegiStar is one of the Customization module of the Good Lock. It helps you to customize different setting of the Galaxy devices, her are some things you can do with the module:

  •  You can reconfigure menu of Settings home screen
  • It allows you to change order, hide,manage groups
  • You can also set method of displaying Samsung account on the Settings home screen
  • It also helps to search settings change history, change notification settings
  • With the help of the app you can activate features by tapping the back of the device (Galaxy S/ Flip only)
  • Run features by long-pressing the side key
  • Run features by pressing the screen strongly (on Galaxy Z  Flip 4 and Flip 5)

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