Google Contacts Now Shows Live Location from Maps

At Google, we’ve always made an effort to make sure that our Android apps complement one another. It’s a tightrope to tread, since Google doesn’t want to integrate functionality across users’ libraries and render some of its apps useless. Google, on the other hand, bridges a gap that was previously unnoticed when it precisely treads that line. Back in May, we discovered that a future update to Google Contacts may include the integration of Google Maps‘ location sharing feature. It appears to have gone into effect formally.

When Google updated Contacts with a location sharing module, we first learned about it via Nail_Sadykov on X (via Android Police). Google added additional call, text, video, email, and direction buttons to the shared screenshot, positioning them inside distinct rings to make them stand out more. The location sharing node was not released with Android 14, despite being expected to arrive at the beginning of Q4. Currently, a large number of subscribers may access Google Contacts version

Google Maps will appear beneath the call and text choices if you have someone’s Google address saved in contacts and their activities sharing their position with you on Google Maps. There will be an appearance of the module, and by tapping within the module, the user may access their position in Google Maps and find out if they can see yours. From there, you can arrange for a large number to be sent to you when they arrive at your location or receive instructions directly from them. Google Contacts are an excellent choice if you are already within Google’s area of influence because they’re simple to use.

Google Contacts serves as the primary contacts app for Pixel smartphones, and can be downloaded on any device with Google Play access. For many people, this program is indispensable, yet its sync settings may be both a boon and a bane. Overall, it offers a lot of features, such as widgets that maintain functionality while sporting a fresh design or the capacity to showcase your recent searches and favorites.