Google Keep Takes Notes on Android 14’s Lock Screen with Stylus Support

Android’s greatest note-taking software is Google Keep, even though it’s not the greatest tool for managing your shopping lists. You may write down your ideas or draw them by hand using Google Keep.

With these features, it’s the ideal tool for promptly recording ideas as they come to mind. For those who frequently use a Bluetooth-paired pen with their phone or tablet, Android 14 has a few additional capabilities designed with note-taking enthusiasts in mind. It looks like Google Keep will support the new feature in Android 14, which streamlines the process of taking fast notes and lets you add a “Note taking” shortcut to the lock screen.

The functionality has to be enabled through the Developer Settings section by turning on the “force enable Notes role” option. It is not yet ready because Android 14 does not come with it as a standard. Furthermore, not every one of its possibilities works at this time.

IMG- 9to5Google

Nevertheless, even after turning on the feature, it’s conceivable that you are still unable to use the “note-taking” shortcut. This is due to the fact that you also need to choose a “default notes app” by selecting “Apps” from the settings menu on your device, then “Default Apps.” Google Keep may be able to open in a floating window from the lock screen shortcut. Once all of this is enabled, the button-equipped stylus will be able to start a new note in Keep.

A new settings section for “Lock screen notes” has also been added to Google Keep. It indicates that using the lock screen shortcut will always create a new note, but users can customize the duration of time it takes to create a new note, up to only creating one per day or using the most recent note indefinitely. Android Authority also notes that note-taking applications will be able to snap a snapshot of the open window and insert it into a note as a part of this new default system function.

Thanks to “Android Authority and 9to5Google