Google Redesigns Individual Contact Widgets for Material You

Google introduced its new design language, “Material You,” with Android 12. Initially, it was limited to some functions, but with Android 13, the company has expanded it to apply to more user interface things, including icons, inside menus, and other functions. The Big G is still gradually rolling out new updates for the apps; it has now brought new updates for individual contact widgets with more Material You.

The latest changes for the individual contact widget are rolling out with the new version of Google widgets, i.e., v4.17. The new update brings new improvements to the design and applies the Material You theme to the widget.

The individual contact widget looks cool

The Material You style makes the contact widget look fresh; unlike the previous one, which comes with a rounded shape, the icons of the phone are in the bottom left and the message icon comes. Now Google has tried them with a new avatar, which gives them an attractive look.

With the new refreshment, the edges of the wider widget are rounded, and if you increase its height, it will be available in a rectangular shape. You can increase it to a maximum of half of the screen. When you use the smallest widget, the phone and message icons are at the bottom of the widget, and the name of the contact is shown at the top. When you increase the width, the bottom icons shift to the right, and if you increase the legend and height to the maximum, both icons shift to the bottom right of the widget.

It is worth noticing that the individual contact is not alone in grabbing the Material You enhancements, but earlier Google has already rolled out several updates for its stock apps to match them with the theme, including Google WeatherGoogle Tasks, Google Messages, etc., and other applications could also get the Material You changes in the future.

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