Google Weather changes look with Material You design

Google is all set to give a new ability to its weather app. In the coming days, we will see a dynamic interface of the weather app, which will work smartly with the other application. This all will be possible through the new “Material You” feature, which will give the ability to customize the device interface as well as its apps to different themes. Let’s know more about Material You.

What is the Material You?

Material You is a design language which Google introduced; it was first dropped to Android devices with Android 12; however, at that time, it was not much expanded over the system, but gradually Google has expanded its capabilities. The Material You feature is packed with many capabilities like redesigning new shapes, new colours, new lighting and new animation, as it is a unified feature, so it works the same on all the apps and UI interface and gives a personalized experience of your device. 

How Material You will change the weather app?

According to the information, If we talk about the current user interface of Google Weather, in the start, we see three main tabs, including “Today”, “Tomorrow”, and “10 days”, which makes users get the information, according to their requirements.

But as per the information base on a tweet posted by Google Insider, the app will soon show only one feed which is less by search bar on the top; just below the bar, there will be a “Time” section, and then there are two values of temperature will be available containing highest temperature and immediately below this section there will be a strip containing temperature values according to a different (hourly) time of the day.

This is followed by a 10-day forecast which shows the minimum and maximum temperatures of the day. However, it is not cleared yet, when it will be available for Android devices. The internal testing is underway, so we hope that Google will introduce all these changes to its stock weather app in the coming days.

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