One UI 6.0 could brings new Dynamic Material You-based Color Palette options

Material You is no unknown name for Android device users, including Galaxy Phones. Still, if you don’t know, let us tell you, Material You is Samsung’s customization service that lets you customize your device’s background and app icon and offers a wider Color Palette for an even more customized look. Because it is a part of Android, it will also amaze Samsung’s One UI users as One UI gets the base of Android.

Informatively, in today’s article, we will take a look at Google Design’s series of short design films about the in-question Material Youmaking. If you don’t know, Google Design is one of the cool websites of Google, which has recently replaced its old blog-style format. Notably, a round, colored cursor appears on the website that changes the color of what’s being spotlighted. The cursor also highlights other buttons, like play/pause. 

Now let’s move on to the film series Making of Material You. Let us tell you, these short videos entirely are just over 6 minutes long. In these videos, Google has provided a good overview of Material You. Particularly in Unexpected, the search engine giant has shown some insight into the start of the design process. They said that when they started drawing Material You, they were choking on our own rules. Hence, they loosened up.

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To overcome the situation, Google has adopted the ideas brought by people to the table. We can think of them as older concepts or mockups. All of these have been a big help in Material You’s making. Let’s know some of them.  

  • An iOS Control Center-like Grid-based Quick Settings that have larger buttons used for some shortcuts and sliders. Now, Media Player is also integrated.
  • The devices’ lock screen will have fullscreen clocks as well that shrinks to make space for incoming notifications like messages. 
  • Other lock screens with a novel way of showing notifications.
  • A keyboard where app actions appear below the keys and the voice dictation is located in the bottom-right corner. We can say that it is kind of the one available in iOS. 
  • Very large buttons, including a Clock app that’s more or less like the one available at present. 
  • Music or podcast application.
  • Fullscreen call screen.
  • How could the technology we live with feel more seamless or more like the myriad textures of daily life? How can designed experiences allow more room for feeling in personal devices and technologies that have expression, play, and emotion?
  • Because the team started adding up questions around color, perception, and preference, they were able to make clear design decisions that worked well for some users and may not fit another group. 

Nota bene, as Samsung’s Galaxy device uses Android in them, Material You’s Dynamic color palette and other customization features can be accessed in One UI as well. Consequently, if anything were to be added or changed in Material You with Android 14, it can be experienced in One UI 6.0 as well.

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