Android Auto 9.5 Stable Update: Brings with it the most annoying bug ever

Google has rolled out a new update for the Android Auto app; the company is constantly releasing new updates for the app every week because it is currently running in the test phase. In this case, it is not a new beta; on the contrary, version 9.5 has come out of the test phase and has been made available for all Android smartphones, even without an official announcement to precede it.

Android Auto’s new update, v9.5, brings new features 

As Google is constantly pushing new updates for Android Auto, it is not giving new features for it, but it is continuously fixing the bug fixes and installing more improvements to bring stability to the functions. Now with the new update version 9.5, the same is happening; there is no information available about any new innovation. However, it may be possible that after installing it, you may get some new functionalities; we will surely share the information about the functionalities if available.

For recall, earlier updates have brought some significant features for the utility of the car’scar’s screen, such as adding an option for customizing the Coolwalk interface and new security codes added to enhance the overall security of the app.

According to the information, the latest update of Android version 9.5 brought layout change functionality on the Google Pixel 7 Pro, but it is not available on the Samsung Galaxy S23 devices.

Meanwhile, it will get some minor improvements on all other Android smartphones. Moreover, the changelog doesn’tdoesn’t describe any particular feature improvements or new additions, but if you update the app, you will get a more enhanced experience of available features on your Android Auto-supported car screen.

How to update 

To update Android Auto on your Android smartphone, follow the below steps:

  1. First, from the home screen, go to the app screen
  2. From here choose the Google Play Store
  3. Now search the Android Auto application and tap on the update 
  4. Once you finished, it will be installed on your dive within minutes

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