Android Auto introduces an option to customize the Coolwalk interface

A few months ago, Google brought a new interface named Coolwalk for its Android Auto application. If you don’t know, Android Auto is a mobile app which mirrors your Android device, such as the smartphone’s features on your car’s dashboard. Google, this new Coolwalk interface has brought the ability to display three app tabs simultaneously with it, which was previously limited to just two.

As per the reports, this Coolwalk redesign has brought another incredible adoption to the Android Auto app. Informatively, this option will let you change the Android Auto application’s layout. In simpler words, at present, we have the ability to choose which app should reflect the Coolwalk interface and which does not, but we can’t change the position of their tabs, but this new option will let you do that as well. 

Android Auto 9.0 stable update available

Informatively, with the new option, you can set on which side you want to see the Google Maps widget, on the driver’s side or the other side. Unfortunately, this option won’t let you customize the interface to a larger extent, but still, it will be proven helpful for the users. However, it is currently just a test program and out of the new user’s reach, but we are expecting it to make its way to all eligible devices soon.

In order to use this new option, you can follow the below-listed steps. 

  • First, open the Android Auto app. 
  • Now tap on the ‘app drawer button’ available on the bottom left.
  • Then go to ‘Settings’.
  • Afterwards, choose ‘Switch layout’.
  • Here you can see two options: ‘Navigation closest to the driver’ or ‘Media closest to the driver’.
  • Now select any one option as per your need. 

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