Android Auto Coolwalk brings a feature for long-awaited music

Following a public beta period of two months, Google made Android Auto known as “Coolwalk,” available to everyone a few days after announcing it at CES 2023. A convenient music control feature has appeared for quite some time now. Let’s see which one it is.

Android Auto Coolwalk brings a long-awaited music seek bar feature

Music-lovers rejoice! Android Auto has finally released a long-awaited feature that allows users to see the progress of their favorite tunes easily. With the introduction of Coolwalk, the latest addition to Android Auto’s music experience, users can now keep track of their songs with a convenient music progress bar. For those who enjoy listening to music on their daily commute or during long trips, this new feature is sure to be a welcome upgrade. With it, you can quickly jump between songs and get an idea of how much time is left in each track – all from your car dashboard. 

As discussed on Reddit, only a limited number of people can currently access this news, so the update has not spread yet. It is not clear if the change was made after “Coolwalk” ‘s redesign of Android Auto or if those using an earlier version are able to access it as well, but it seems that the new feature may be obtainable only with “Coolwalk” and probably Google will extend its availability to more devices soon.

What is the Coolwalk music progress bar feature?

One of the most highly anticipated features of Android Auto is finally here with the release of Coolwalk. The Coolwalk music progress bar feature gives users a visual representation of how far along their current song is, as well as how much time is left. This has been a top request from users for many years, and we’re excited to finally bring it to Android Auto.

Android Auto Coolwalk interface arrives on more devices

This new feature will be available in all versions of Android Auto, including the free version. To use the music progress bar, simply open up your favorite music app and start playing a song. The progress bar will appear at the bottom of the screen and will update in real time as the song progresses. You can also tap on the progress bar to jump to a specific point in the song.

We hope you enjoy this new feature and that it makes your listening experience even better!

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