Android Auto Users Report Volume Control Issues

Android Auto is one of the best accessories for cars; it offers several features that make it a full-fledged entertainment system. But it has not been working perfectly for some time; it has errors and issues. Now users are reporting new issues that are related to volume control.

According to reports, when a user listens to any music and tries to adjust the volume, it doesn’t work as it should and shows an error message and warns that audio has been paused and the volume cannot be adjusted. But in reality, the audio is playing at full blast.

Several users have reported this issue on the official Android Auto support page. After getting the error message, they lost control when adjusting volume. Users have only one option to lower the volume by disconnecting their phone from Android Auto.

Android Auto 10.5 stable update available for everyone: download now

However, this problem doesn’t seem to be encountered by a large number of users. Based on some users’ reports, the issue may not be limited to any particular version. So if you update the app to another version, it will not give any solution.

To find a solution to the issue, a community specialist is taking feedback from users and asking several questions to get information about system logs, phone, Android Google Play services, and Android Auto versions. However, currently, no solution is given.

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More Specifically, the issue is more likely to be related to the central volume control of the system because the same issue is appearing with every audio application. Another situation may be with Google Maps, which is causing issues as its own robot audio is clashing with your other audio player. However, Google hasn’t given any clarification about the issue, but we hope the company will soon resolve it.

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