Android Auto Users Hit With Another Bug in Version 10.5

Android Auto has recently received a new stable update, v10.5. In the last few updates, users haven’t faced any problems using the different functions of Android Auto, but now with the latest update, some users have encountered an issue with the GPS signal.

Android Auto 10.5 stable update brings

According to some users, they have faced issues related to GPS while driving. Several users have reported that the GPS signal suddenly lost for a few seconds and the navigators were frozen; however, after a few moments, it resumed again and worked normally. This issue is not only limited to Google Maps, but it is also coming to the Waze application as well.

Android Auto now supports Web conferencing apps, Prime Video, and more

However, it is not sure whether the issue comes with a new update or if it was in the earlier update as well. But in case you also encountered the issue after updating the app to version 10.5, Then you can easily get rid of the issue by downgrading it.

Just like this, Android Auto is getting continuous updates, but with every new update comes some new problems. In the last few updates, Google hasn’t brought any new features to the app. However, the company is consistently working on enhancing the functioning of the application, which is why it is getting frequent updates.

The company is following a pattern of giving beta updates to a particular version and then making it stable. This company has to pay more attention to the changes that are decided after getting feedback from users.

Should you download Android Auto 10.5 or not?

Android 10.5 is the latest stable update for Android Auto, and apart from the GPS fluctuation, no big such issue has been reported, so if you are running an older version of Android Auto, then you should update your app to version 10.5. To do so, you can click this link and download the latest version from the Play Store. Alternatively, you can also download the new version from an external source.

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