Spotify’s Jam Feature Lets You Create a Shared Listening Session With Friends

Spotify unveiled its new Jam function today, its new social tool that allows several users to mix their musical interests into a single playlist. However, the new feature, which is based on technology previously used in multiperson playlists such as Blend and Duo Mix, is intended for real-time listening among a group of people, such as at a party where anybody may contribute to a shared queue of songs to play next. This functionality is now available to all Spotify customers worldwide. Jam, according to the firm, is “personalized, real-time listening session for your group to tune into together.”

A jam is essentially an invite code to the ongoing music playback, with one individual sharing the invite with other Spotify users to grant them access to the queue. Invites can be shared via a QR code or a link. Up to 32 participants can be joined in the jam, and once joined, they may add songs to the list, and everyone can see who submitted what songs. The presenter of the jam can then rearrange the order of the songs and, if necessary, eliminate tracks. Anyone using the same shared Wi-Fi network will be requested to join the jam when they open their Spotify app.

To utilize the Jam functionality:

  1. Choose a song or playlist and hit the speaker icon at the bottom.
  2. The app will show a “Start a Jam” option.
  3. After choosing it, Spotify allows you to create playlists and can also invite others through several ways.
  4. Joined people can enjoy the music added to the queue.

Spotify Connect enables users to play the songs in the share queue on their phone’s speaker or any other audio device that is nearby. It is important to note that only Spotify Premium users will be allowed to begin a jam. People who don’t have a paying subscription to the music streaming site can only join a jam and contribute to the playlists. But non-premium customers can only join a jam if they are on the same Wi-Fi network, and premium members can join a jam remotely.

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Starting today, Jam has international accessibility, and in order to experience that, users need to update. Platforms that support under Jam have not been announced yet; at the very least, we can expect them to be on Android and iOS. Owners of Galaxy smartphones, tablets, and Windows 11-powered laptops are surely not the ones to be worried.

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